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Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 8 Reflection: Academic Software

This chapter was okay, some do and don'ts I hadn't thought about before. Some programs we hadn't used yet.
I checked out some really cool blogs, anything from music, speech, ESL, special education, to kindergarten.  Mrs. Busha  is my favorite blogger. She teaches kindergarten in White Oak Texas.  The other blogs I checked out  was from her.  She has alot of things going on in her room and many cool ideas, her sight has a ton of stuff on it. Her blog sight definitely catches your eye and then you just keep looking.     
The music teacher videos almost everything I think and puts it on her blog. I am not into music, but neat ideas.
The speech blog was interesting just because we have several kids that have speech problems.
The ESL blog was also neat, many more ideas and other sights to check out.
My last blog was Nina Peery -choose to move- she   deals with ADHD and autism, her blog has tons of stuff on it, so many cool ideas we will probably try in our room. She has stations that she changes every month. She also has tedx talk videos, I enjoyed watching them.  She also sent me to the site "Free Technology for Teachers" check it out, if you haven;t already! Until next time.

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  1. Looks like you found some good blogs to read. I would love to see the music teachers blog too. Definitely need to show you how to add a link list to your blog so you can share the sites easily.