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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chapter 13 Reflection: Issues in Implementing Technology in Schools

This chapter was boring, but had information in it that needed to be discussed maybe just to refresh our memories.  I think copyright, fair use, and privacy is just common sense.
Cyberbullying seems silly, but probably does happen.  But like you said, why don't you just turn off the computer?!  I agree that teachers need to be aware of the issues in technology implementation, legal, social, and ethical issues.
Oh yeah, congratulations to you and your students for the nomination for 2110 Edublog Award Best Class Blog!!!  We heard about it in the e-mail at school today.  Awesome job! The teacher that I am with had to check it out and everyone else in the room! Way to go!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chapter 12 Reflection: Distance Education: Using Technology to Redefine the Classroom

 I can see where distance education could be a benefit in some scenarios but not with children.   I think adults would have problems with it too.  Where would the social learning come in and guidance?  I don't think it has a place in public schools.

I enjoyed looking at everyones power points last class time.  So many great ideas and imaginations.  I think they all turned out  wonderful.  I was nervous since I hadn't ever done one before, but not so bad.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chapter 11 Reflection: Audiovisual Technologies

This was a good chapter with lots of information.  Many audiovisual tools to support learning and teaching.  Some ideas I hadn't thought of yet or I have forgotten about using. I think many teachers are afraid to use technology and not realizing that have been using some type of technology all along. Maybe afraid to try something new? Some technology they use may be outdated, but still technology.  And some technology tools are in the closet or have been on the shelf getting dusty, new or old.
I am not sure I have a favorite audiovisual technology, I can see where most if not all are great ways to intrigue learning.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chapter 10 Reflection: Using the Web for Teaching and Learning

Chapter 10 has alot of information in it that I think is useful. Some of the listed online sights I will be checking into.  I didn't know that a wiki could be altered. Kids at school use Wikipedia all the time.
E-Pals sounds fun, might be something we try in our room, we could always use extra communication skills in our room. I think the kids would have fun with it, if we can get it okay ed.
The teacher that I'm with set up her own blog after I showed her how to do it! It looks good and she is adding more information everyday, I think the parents will appreciate it too.
I am enjoying this class, just worried about this power point since this will be my first!!!!!   

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chapter 9 Reflection: The Internet and the World Wide Web

This chapter was interesting about the Internet and the web and how it actually works.  It is amazing how it all comes together and works! You can get so many new ideas from browsing the web, different sites and links. Streaming audio and video would be a neat thing to do in the classroom with older kids, than the age we have in our room. Lot of potential in teaching and learning through the Internet, so many tools and services.
The skype chat with Ms. Mimmi was interesting, sounds like a busy lady.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Chapter 8 Reflection: Academic Software

This chapter was okay, some do and don'ts I hadn't thought about before. Some programs we hadn't used yet.
I checked out some really cool blogs, anything from music, speech, ESL, special education, to kindergarten.  Mrs. Busha  is my favorite blogger. She teaches kindergarten in White Oak Texas.  The other blogs I checked out  was from her.  She has alot of things going on in her room and many cool ideas, her sight has a ton of stuff on it. Her blog sight definitely catches your eye and then you just keep looking.     
The music teacher videos almost everything I think and puts it on her blog. I am not into music, but neat ideas.
The speech blog was interesting just because we have several kids that have speech problems.
The ESL blog was also neat, many more ideas and other sights to check out.
My last blog was Nina Peery -choose to move- she   deals with ADHD and autism, her blog has tons of stuff on it, so many cool ideas we will probably try in our room. She has stations that she changes every month. She also has tedx talk videos, I enjoyed watching them.  She also sent me to the site "Free Technology for Teachers" check it out, if you haven;t already! Until next time.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chapter 7 Reflection: Administrative Software

I thought this chapter was going to be boring at first but some of the software talked about, I was thinking of several uses in our classroom. Word processing in the classroom is used frequently in our building.  Spreadsheets not so often, but using them as a progress sheet in meeting goals from IEP's would be "handy".  Database system for student information is useful too.

I guess I've been evaluating software all the time -in my head-  just not using a software evaluation rubric.  That was new to me.