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Monday, September 27, 2010

Chapter 5 Reflection: Computers in the Learning Environment

It was interesting to look inside a computer. I have taken old ones apart before, but didn't really know what I was looking at.  Kinda boring chapter.
Sugata Mitra: The Child-driven education, he has many neat ideas. Letting children use their own creativity to figure situations out  without teacher instructions is a good technique.  This way of teaching could be used in every grade level, I think, but not the only type of learning. He was fun to listens to!

Cooltoolsforschool has many ideas for just about any kind of curriculm.  I don't know that I have a favorite one, to many to look at.  I know alot of teachers that use this website.   I do like the creativity tools.  There are so many, could use at home or at school. Many different grade levels too!       

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chapter 4 Reflection: Technology for Diverse Learners

I really enjoyed the skype chat with Ira Socol. It was interesting to hear some of his background and theories about learning. I "googled" him and read much more about him.  I would like to read his book, The Drool Room .  The most frustrating thing with kids and their specials needs is all the criteria teachers have to follow and not enough time to get it all done.  This is an ongoing battle. It's great when the regular classroom teacher tries different techniques for learning with special needs kids, sadly to say that doesn't happen often.  But once again they already have a ton off things to accomplish in a day with their regular classroom, that's where I come in!!! The teacher that I am with had many questions about the skype chat and Ira, so she has been reading about him too! Our classroom will only get better for the students and us adults. I wish we had some assistive technologies in our district.
In chapter 4, some of the technology talked about we use in our classroom, like recorded books, augmentative devices,and computer use. I didn't know about screen magnification or  screen readers. We enlarge worksheets or text on the printer for a few students.  Until next time.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chapter 3 Reflection: Designing and Planning Technology Enhanced Instruction

First of all, I enjoyed the video of Adora Svitak.  She is an amazing young lady.  The next day after class, I showed this video to my family, which all had different opinions of her. My husband thought she had  much  to say and was impressed but wondered how many other young people have the same intellect but never had the opportunity to show it. (Because of lack money or lack parents pushing or the lack of opportunity).  That part is sad.  My fourteen year old daughter, thought she was very smart and liked what she had said and wondered the same things as her father, but also said she was an extremely spoiled brat----go figure!? My youngest, who is 11 said, she was brave to talk in front of so many people but also spoiled. She wonders what she does for fun. I would like to know more about her background.
In chapter 3, the DID Model, seems to be very complete design for each step of the process.  I think this model is a "common sense way of teaching" it just has a name put to it. It seems like its hard but if I think about the steps in this model, we do them everyday  in the classroom. The classroom that I am in, we have k thru 3rd, so we have several different lesson plans for several different students, eventually they become easy to plan and they most always end up being changed because you never know what will happen next in our room so we improvise!  Until next time!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

adora svitakl

Chapter 2 Reflection: Theoretical Foundations

This is my second attempt to write a reflection (wish me luck)!

I am enjoying this class very much, although I am kinda slow and outdated. Its been too long since I've been in school for myself. There are alot of things that are new to me about technology but I understand that technology changes fast (upgrade) constantly changing.  So, I can see how all types of technology can benefit me as well as the students that I am with. I am hoping I can use them well in the classroom.

In my classroom we have so many different types of learning styles and factors  whether  it be environmental, psychological, or personal filters. I am hoping to get some new and updated ideas.
I think it is important for regular classroom teachers to find out how their students process information so they can help them to learn.
I think the best part in chapter 2 was on page 40. Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technology.  You have need to understand  educational technology to support the teaching/learning process. So, you need to understand teaching  but to understand communication and the participants  learning style.

So, until next time.  Hopefully I am getting better at these reflections!